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Unisex and Reusable Fabric (N95 Grade Filtered) Mask for Children

This adjustable and reusable mask helps prevent exposure to germs, dust, and smoke. Fits 2-12 year-olds.

  • This  mask is designed per 3M standard;
  • Each mask comes with 2 Filters, which must be replaced within 3-5 days of use;
  • Ultra-soft for maximum comfort;
  • Skin-friendly material with depth enhancement;
  • All sales final.
  • Please also consider Botana RX's Purify Mist, an all-natural / organic antiseptic hand sanitizer made in an FDA-registered facility for maximum strength against COVID-19.


    Perfumarie donates one mask for every unit purchased, and your order empowers this cause. We have already given cases of supplies to NYC hospitals and essential workers to support our fight during the pandemic. If you are someone who needs masks/filters and cannot afford to purchase them, please email with your request. Someone will reply with 24 hours to help you as well.

    If you are living with COVID-19 or are working on the front linedoing essential work, please note this on your order as a comment, and we will do our best to move your order up in our queue.