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Why should we gather?

Why do I have to register for entry?

What happens if I’m not able to make my appointment on time?

What are your core values?

My label on my bottle wore off/can't remember which scent I got?

Can I make my own fragrance?

Why should I activate my member profile?

Do I need to make a reservation in advance?

How do I use my sparks rewards? Can I use it when I go to my workshop?

What is your return policy?

Thank you for having masks available to purchase during this difficult time. Do you have washing instructions available?

How do I order replacement mask filters for the N95 mask?

What is the difference between single insert and adult?

What is The Dram?

Soho Beacon

How does co-retail/co-working work at Perfumarie?

How much is a daily desk pass?

How far advance do I need to reserve co-working seat for a Desk Pass?


How do I get a receipt for an online or studio transaction?

I need to check on the status of an open invoice. Who do I contact?