With your support, Perfumarie helps bring ideas to life.

As a retail lab and sensory incubator, 100% of sales go directly to most of our Makers when you purchase from us. Your feedback inspires us, helps us learn about their potential to thrive, and your purchase directly fuels their ability to grow! 

Per Fumum, in Essence

We celebrate the invisible, moments of true connection that transcend time & space.

We Empower Makers

Perfumarie is an incubator for sensory companies from around the world. Our studio serves as a tasting room and gathering space that features dynamic immersive experiences and an ever-evolving collection of artisan-fueled products each chosen for their values of quality and originality for your discovery and feedback.

Home to our innovation lab and brand management agency, SoHo Beacon is our private club and gathering space. 

As a holistic brand management collective of Experts, Perfumarie offers on-demand advisory for product design, research, marketing, PR, training, 3PL and logistic solutions for companies that are ready to scale.


Community, Connections, & Commerce

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