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Open to the public, we invite artisans, creators, and makers to co-infuse creativity and wonder into our world.

Enjoy behind-the-scenes access into the world of scents and beyond. We're here to connect you with new friends, passions, and rare finds to awaken your senses.

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Monthly Mystery Perfumes

Rare perfumes are now (finally!) accessible to everyone. Your first Discovery Studio check-in comes with an orientation and a complimentary scent of your choice. Additional selections start at $5; Available in 5mL, 15mL, & 50mL sizes. 

We will unveil the identity of our mystery perfumes with a reception hosted by Luminaries & special guests at the end of each month. Visit us often, and you will experience more than 360 scents within 1 year... The best part?! MEMBERSHIP is FREE.

November Curation

the identity behind your favorite scents

SANCTIFINO by Incensum Fragrances

What started out as curiosity grew from the wonder of a forgotten truth and was fueled by the inspiration of a metaphysicist's aim to pursue the delight of scent via a path less traveled.

​Incensum fragrances proudly introduces its first original fragrance oil at Perfumarie, each crafted by hand and infused with the life force of its primordial elements. Through Sanctifino, we shall diffuse the ethereal essence of the soul to unlock the mysteries of life.


Come A Little Closer

Explore our archive of small wonders from all around the world


A Creative Space for Experiences & Gatherings

Share your expertise with the world (From $85/hr)

Please submit a brief proposal to initiate your reservation request. Your message should include: What you would like to host (workshop, event, trunk show, meeting, tasting, demonstration, etc.) along with 3 potential date & time options. Someone from our team will be in touch to coordinate the details with you within 24 hours.