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Scented Notes

The First World Taste and Smell Day Invites You to Smell the Roses and Savor the Flavor on September 14, 2021, A Day to Celebrate Our Senses.

September 14th is a day devoted to appreciation and awareness of taste and smell. Join us on a mission to share how taste and smell enhance our lives, promote awareness and a deeper understanding of these essential senses, and provide a worldwide resource as support those experiencing taste and/or smell dysfunctions.

Perfumarie's official Instagram account @DearPerfumarie was hacked!

@DearPerfumarie is dealing with an instagram attack by hackers, and we need your help. Here is a statement from our Founder & CEO Mindy Yang @GoDolceVita.

Perfumarie x Joel Warren

Join us for a special preview event on Thursday, 4/15 from 5:30 - 7 PM at Perfumarie's new retail lab at Saks Fifth Avenue, 7th Floor.

With your support, Perfumarie helps bring ideas to life.

As a retail lab and sensory incubator, Perfumarie empowers Makers and fuels their ability to grow!