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Perfumarie Technical Library: an Archive of Ingredients & Aromas

  • Chai

    Chai – meaning ‘spiced tea’, is an Indian beverage made of black tea, milk, spices, herbs and sweeteners. Spices added to Chai vary from region to region, as well as from one household to another. 
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  • Cha Hai (茶海)

    Cha Hai (茶海) – ‘sea of tea’ or ‘bowl of impartiality’. It’s a vessel that serves to control the strength of the brew. After brewing the tea for a certain amount of time either in a yixing or in gaiwantea should be decanted into a cha hai, from which it gets poured into individual cups. 
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  • Cha Gao

    Cha Gao  translated means tea paste. However, the substance is not at all pasty and is more like a solidified rock, which dissolves in hot water. Although it is a form of instant pu-erh, it is not a low quality product. In the Qing Dynasty cha gao was produced only for the elite class. Although the production methods were mostly abandoned after the Qing Dynasty, it is slowly being revived.
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  • Cha Dao or Cha Do (茶道)

    Cha Dao or Cha Do (茶道) – "teaism" or "the way of tea" – the terms that are used in reference to a tea-culture that is cultivating is cultivating certain aesthetics, as well as a sense of focus and concentration while making and tasting tea.
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