A. N. Other is redefining how luxury fragrances are born & sold:

"It's simple. We invest without limits in the ingredients that go into the bottle and onto your skin, and strip away everything else.

Our fragrances are crafted from the finest eco-sustainable ingredients and ethically sourced raw materials. They are free from dyes, preservatives, animal products and toxins.

We think less is more.

Our minimalistic collection is stripped from name, mood, gender, designer labels and inflated price tags."

Born to be free

"Perfumers work to strict briefs, trying to recreate a vision dictated by consumer trends using the cheapest possible ingredients.

We think it's time freedom came back into fashion.

We binned the consumer trends reports and offered the most exciting perfumers in the world total creative control. No briefs. No budgets. No consumer trends to follow. No market segments to please.

Liberated, our perfumers created something spectacular. A collection that comes straight from their hearts and captures their souls."

The Brand Tax

"Most of the price of conventional fine fragrances is consumed by slick marketing machines and expensive overheads. Your money is spent on expensive ads, celebrity endorsements and models, instead of the ingredients that go into the bottle.

We think you deserve better.

We fired the expensive ad agency and told the Hollywood A-List that we won't be requiring their services. No expensive boutiques or lavish ads in glossy magazines. The scantily clad models can put their clothes back on."

Honest Pricing

"We invest the money saved on vanity branding in the finest eco-sustainable ingredients and ethically sourced raw materials.

We eliminate retail & distribution costs and sell Direct-to-Consumer.

This means we spend more on what goes into the bottles and still sell our superior Parfum grade fragrances for less."

What’s in a Name?

A. N. Other is used as a placeholder name for a contributor whose identity is not yet known. The name was chosen because the story is just beginning — "We don’t yet know who all the authors will be or what plot twists might emerge on the road ahead. All we know is that it isn’t really our story.

It’s a story about the doers, thinkers, and shapers of the world. The people who inspire us. The talented and the tenacious. The creative and the courageous.

The perfumers who put their heart into creating our fragrances and the people who express themselves by wearing them."


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