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Lightwell Co is a home goods line based out of Houston, Texas consisting of hand-poured candles, gentle cleansing hand wash, and fragrant room sprays. Their soft, subtle fragrances are inspired by the outdoors - road trips along the California coastline, hikes through the golden Aspen trees, and camping trips in the desert.

"We have always had a passion for candles, long before Lightwell launched in 2017. It all started from a candle-making kit purchase, making gifts for friends and family and blossomed into a love for small-batch, hand-crafted products.

We believe in keeping our line as natural as possible. We use a custom blend of 100% American-grown soy and pure coconut wax, essential oil-infused fragrance oils, and braided cotton wicks for an environmentally friendly, clean burn.

Our aesthetic is clean and minimal-using a neutral color palette consistent through all of our products, we believe our aesthetic fits into all home decor styles from Scandinavian + modern to bohemian + vintage."