Les Élixirs is a New York-based experimental olfactive design and development studio. Our primary interest is to explore the ever-expanding world of aromatic molecules and to develop cutting edge olfactive formulations, starting with fragrances.  

"We are thrilled to present our first line of four ultra-luxurious formulations in 2020.  Oud, Aqua, Elle, and Flirt explore the extremes of olfactive design. Each scent is a study of untamed creativity.  Exceptional ingredients transformed into aromatic rays and tuned for optimal intensity and natural perceptive balance."

Image_20190226_0008 copy.jpg

All Les Élixirs fragrances are concentrated at 20% or higher (pure perfume), depending on the scent’s characteristics. The fragrance is contained in a simple and clean geometry glass, and packaged in a book shape box, to reflect the image of the concept, one of simplicity and sophistication.

"Les Élixirs is a culmination of decades of conceptual development. We are not trying to take perfumery back to its artisanal beginnings, we are looking to advance olfactive arts into the future.  Spring, 2020 collection was developed in collaboration with master perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux."