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Masque Milano

Masque Fragranze – the Opera of life in four acts


A collection of experiences, discoveries, places and journeys.


Interior monologues, emotions, deep thoughts and inner reflections … lights and shadows of human nature.


Sentimental relationships … romance and love … affections and betrayals.


Dreams. The world of the most bizarre, improbable and fascinating reveries.

In every single scene of an opera, some of the actors alongside the leading character, as well as the element of the set are changing. In the same way, in our lives we can change the “mask” (our look, lifestyle, friendships, the tone of our voice or the mannerism) yet we could never part from our innermost sensitivity. With Masque Fragranze, Alessandro and Riccardo do not intend to create a myth, a best-seller, a one-size-fits-all perfume for everyone. Rather, they aim at creating a collection of perfumes with a soul. Each one unique. Perfumes to wear like a second skin … the perfume behind the mask. Is there an actor able to relate to every possible role with conviction? A musician able to play every single musical style with authenticity? Then there could be no nose able to represent every single scene of the opera. The fragrances of Masque are to be created with a soul, and the nose’s appointment is to give life to our scene. Hence, every scene will have “its” nose.

Perfumarie Represents Masque Milano in the U.S.A. Please contact us for press samples, partnership or wholesale opportunities.

  •  TIMES SQUARE EDP Masque Milano Perfumarie
    Masque Milano


    $9.00 USD

    A vivid olfactorial representation of the New York / Times Square smellscape in the pre-Giuliani Era: glossy neon-light lipstick, street food, tube...

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  •  Masque Milano L'ATTESA EDP Masque Milano Perfumarie
    Masque Milano

    Masque Milano L'ATTESA EDP

    $8.00 USD

    Interpreted by LUCA MAFFEI Waiting for the one you love… On the tea-table, a nosegay of freshly plucked flowers, flooding the room with a cocktail...

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  •  Masque Milano ROMANZA EDP Masque Milano Perfumarie
    Masque Milano

    Masque Milano ROMANZA EDP

    from $9.00 USD

    III - II ROMANZA [Victorian Narcissus] The studio was filled with the rich odour of roses…  Act III Scene II Daylight is breaking in. What time i...

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  •  Love Kills, 2mL Vial Masque Milano Perfumarie
    Sold out
    Masque Milano

    Love Kills, 2mL Vial

    $8.00 USD

    III.IIILOVE KILLSThe rose of love is in full bloom. LOVE... Rose oil Turkish LMR Geranium oil Egypt for life LMR Love Skin accord (Ambrette Abs...

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