From Paris with love.


This luxurious collection of eau de parfums features stories of scents from a fantasy perspective of a floating feather. Plume Impression offers scents form beautiful memories that want to be treasured.
Explore the world with small-batched, hand-crafted perfumes by some of the most celebrated living Perfumers

Follow a Plume on an olfactive journey all around the world.

"Here I am, carried by the wind, off into the unknown.
While I let myself get swept away I feel a gentle pull.
I am not alone.
A kind old man swirls me through the air..."
"Life is a beautiful string of memories” he smiles and hands me over to his grandson. “Look, just as this feather, memories are strong yet fragile, solid but soft” and he continues “they are free, free like this feather floating in the air."

She travels through places, she travels through time, her imagination uplifted by the wonderful scents she discovers along the way.

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