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SiO Eye & Smile SuperLift Pack

$49.99 USD

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Fulfilled by our friends at SIO Beauty

Life is filled with reasons to laugh and smile—but, what about those residual expression lines and wrinkles? You can soften and smooth creases underneath the eyes and around the lips (while you sleep!) with our comfortable medical grade silicone patches. These patches intensify deep hydration, transforming aging, delicate skin into the firm and smooth look of youth. Works in 1 night and over time! With Proper care, your patches can last you up to two weeks.
What's Included — $50 value:
4 Reusable Smoothing Patches
  • 2 Super EyeLift Patches
  • 2 Super LipLift Patches
Removal Instructions: To remove patches around the delicate under eye area, hold the skin near the eyelids down and peel gently.