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Heal-Right Tattoo Aftercare Soap

$7.00 USD

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tattoo Numbing Cream Co.

Our specifically designed post tattoo soap is medicated and anti bacterial. Combined with a post tattoo cream, it will help your tattoo heal faster and minimise fading as well as protect against infection and acne.

It will thoroughly cleanse blocked pores and remove excess oil. It also gives all-over body odour protection.

Size: 19g
Active Ingredients: Glutathione
Directions: Use twice daily in shower.

Many would describe getting a tattoo as fun and exciting- it is! Although tattoos are great for many different reasons, nobody talks about the after-effects like the itching, the peeling and no sleep! Sometimes it’s the days after the tattoo session where it is consistently irritating. In order for the tattoo to heal properly, a lukewarm water wash and proper moisturisation are needed which our tattoo aftercare soap does perfectly.

When you get a tattoo, you will not be able to use normal soap on your skin where the tattoo is placed for 5 days. This can be because it can burn the skin where the tattoo is and can also dry it out, meaning more skin will peel off after the process. If you use our tattoo aftercare soap, you can wash your skin just 4 hours after the application of your tattoo.

This not only means you can stay feeling fresh, our tattoo aftercare soap also provides all-over body odour protection! Whether you’ve had a long day at work or you’ve been showing off your new tattoo at a party, our tattoo aftercare soap has you covered.

☑️ Tattoo aftercare soap doesn’t harm your skin

☑️ Helps reduce the healing process time

How should I wash my tattoo with tattoo aftercare soap?

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly
  2. Wet your tattoo with lukewarm water
  3. Add our tattoo aftercare soap
  4. Rinse the soap off
  5. Dry with a paper towel
  6. Add our tattoo salve for extra moisture

Is it absolutely necessary to use tattoo aftercare soap?

It is absolutely essential that you use tattoo soap instead of normal soap when the tattoo is in the healing process to stop infections. If you fail to look after your tattoo properly after your session, it could lead to scabbing or scarring which could alter the look of the tattoo. In addition to this, if your skin is dry, your skin could itch, meaning you might scratch your skin and potentially damage the tattoo. Read our blog on raised tattoo’s here! Overall, using our tattoo aftercare soap will help your skin to heal and provide a better feeling, and a better looking tattoo!

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