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All-Purpose Household Cleaner

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Veles is the world’s first all-purpose household cleaner that’s scientifically derived from food waste. From ingredients to production, Veles is the most sustainable, effective and transparent cleaner on the market in a beautiful bottle you can proudly leave on your counter.

97% of their ingredients are derived from food waste, an overlooked source of both water and organic compounds. The remaining 3% consists of essential oils (lavender, mint and bergamot) for fragrance and a plant-based stabilizer. The refillable bottle is sourced from a domestic overstock supplier, made of infinitely recyclable aluminum, and painted with a soft-touch, terracotta-like coating for a natural look and feel.

"Veles is third-party tested and proven to perform against conventional and natural cleaning products on a range of surfaces around the home including in kitchens and bathrooms as well as on windows and glass. Every bottle sold reduces GHG emissions by offering an alternative to landfill disposal for wasted food. To date, we have prevented 20,000 pounds of emissions through our production. We have also recovered over 1,000 gallons of water from the food waste, which makes up the base of our product. Finally, we’re simplifying the supply chain by utilizing organic material that would otherwise be wasted while also reducing the need to harvest new, raw materials."
Active Ingredients / Acetic acid, lactic acid, alcohol
Inactive Ingredients / Water, decyl glucoside, essential oils.