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Scented Notes

Let There Be Light, Urban Lights Sets the American Dream in Motion with Inspired Candles.

What if we can set our American Dream in motion while connecting and supporting other people, encouraging each person to share their stories by spreading love, joy, and hope? Open to the public, the media initiative, “Let There Be Light”, is an interactive social campaign to kick off the launch of Urban Lights.

Perfectly Imperfect, Apprentice Perfumer Ashley Hofmann

For men's fine fragrance my favorite is Sauvage by Christian Dior, and woman's fine fragrance I would say Daisy by Marc Jacobs. My least favorite scent is clove: ever since I had a dry socket after getting my wisdom teeth out the scent just reminds me of a bad experience. have many favorite scents, but I'd say my favorite is sugar cookie. It reminds me of Christmas time with my family. I feel all my favorite scents have story that brings back memory from my past.

Pegasus, Apprentice Perfumer Arielle Le Beau

Having a dad that works at Estee Lauder, fragrance and cosmetics have been a part of my life since I was a kid. I grew up loving the industry. I started my career as a Cosmetic Chemist but was always more intrigued by fragrance, so I decided to follow my passion! 

Spring Love, Apprentice Perfumer Ji-hee Hong

Working in the fragrance industry definitely opened my eyes to the world that I was not aware of before, and I am very grateful to pursue my career in the field where I can combine my scientific knowledge and artistic creativeness together.

Shanghai Gān Jū, Apprentice Perfumer Delphine Perdon Rupnow

have always been sensitive about odors of Nature, interested in scented products and fragrances since I was a child. Back in France, I decided to take on a journey of organic chemistry for that purpose. My initial exposure to the Fragrance Industry was in 2005, as my first internship started at an essential oil company, where I could smell and learn numerous natural raw materials, and would never stop from there.

Bois de Mer, Apprentice Perfumer Kaleigh Prokop

I couldn't believe that there was a whole job where you could just create fragrances all day long. I was enthralled! it was so fascinating to me that all the products and perfumes that we touch and use every day, that our grandmothers and mothers have used before us were created by a perfumer. To be able to influence peoples everyday lives and experiences were what made me want o to be a perfumer. It's one of the greatest gifts that I was ever given!

Amber Waves, Apprentice Perfumer Darren Do

My father, Dennis Do, started Delbia Do company in 1968. In a way, I was born into perfumery...

Elevations, Apprentice Perfumer Stephen Chung

I got into the industry just by chance.  I was a recent graduate and I got a job as a QC chemist at a flavor and fragrance company. The rest, as they say, is history. I've Been in the industry for over 20 years.

Tonight she is Imogen... Tomorrow she will be Juliet.

Caroline Dumur stands at the center of the stage to represent the missing scene in Masque Milano Opera, the Act of Love.

Neapolitan Sartorial Elegance Expressed in Fragrances

When you enter the Luigi Borrelli showroom in Milan, just a few steps from Piazza San Babila, the air you breathe is special. The suits of the spring summer 2019 collection are on display, with classic and brighter colors alternating, but above all it is the impalpable perfume that comes from the fine fabrics that is perceived. It is no coincidence that the Royal Collection of fragrances bears the name of three of the noblest fabrics used by the well known Neapolitan tailoring house.