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Perfumarie's official Instagram account @DearPerfumarie was hacked!

Perfumarie's official Instagram account @DearPerfumarie was hacked!

It's been more than a week since our account was compromised overnight. First, our email address for the administrative account was suddenly changed to a Gmail address that does not below to anyone on our team. When we tried to reset our password, the number showing was suddenly not based in the U.S.A.

We have reported all activities to instagram and the authorities, but no one has responded at all. All of our posts and highlights are no longer on the profile, but YOU, our followers, were kept along with our instagram shop.

We are so sorry that you are receiving spam, and we are doing everything possible to resolve this situation without paying the ransom that the hacker is demanding of us.

Cyber crimes are on the rise. Please be careful out there. If you have a moment to help, please let instagram know that @DearPerfumarie was hacked, and we would like to have our 4 years of history back. 

No matter what happens, we are strong, we will continue to support makers all around the world, and we will do what is required to survive and rebirth.

p.s. Until we are restored, please follow @GoDolceVita and @ShopOurWorld.

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