A note on The Zoologist

The Zoologist is extremely popular at Perfumarie, so we want to confirm that this brand will remain at our retail lab in New York City. Further, with what's listed at THE DRAM (our peer-hosted marketplace) and what's bottled within the following discovery sets as exceptions, ALL original formulas by the brands are now sold out:

Perfumarie's warehouse currently has some products for the brand in stock, but due to a supply-chain (component) shortage by The Zoologist, most perfumes from the line are now in preorder mode until JUNE.

Perfumarie loves The Zoologist, and we can't wait to host a relaunch party for them in June at our new home at Saks Fifth Avenue! Our team will fill all preorders in the order they are received, so by preordering early, you will be guaranteed a prompt dispatch when it comes to getting highly sought-after items like this.

- - -

We are here to help. Please contact us with any questions!

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