What is Hiba wood?

Revered in Japan, Aomori Hiba is an ancient and slow-growing cypress tree whose wood has been used for centuries in the construction of temples and notable buildings throughout Japan. Hiba wood is naturally antiseptic, water resistant, insect repelling, and soothingly aromatic.

Cul de Sac has developed a way to extract the essential oil from waste lumber associated with the use of these remarkable trees. In doing so, the company has recycled and repurposed this material into a variety of products that allow everyone to benefit from the Hiba wood’s superpowers. Essential oils, sachets, home and pet sprays neutralize odors, refresh the air and repel insects throughout the house. Thin slices of the Hiba cypress can be displayed whole, or be broken up and scattered in bowls to the same effect. Natural, recycled, environmentally sensitive products for home and body.

Explore the collection at Perfumarie.

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07 April, 2021

Mizan Kirby

Where is the list to order from? I am interested in Hiba wood and anther perfume

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