Scented Notes

Awakening The Passion: Calvados, Apple Brandy

Discover the world of Calvados, the original apple brandy made in Normandy since the 16th century with Pierre Martin-Neuhaus (Coquerel Calvados) and François Morisson as our guides.

Perfumarie Partners with BioLab Sciences to Respond to Widespread Need for Rapid COVID-19 Testing.

Perfumarie and BioLab Sciences are partnering to do our part in accelerating the distribution of Assure EcoTest, a new FDA EUA-authorized point of care (PoC) rapid antibody test to help fight the coronavirus.

Hope in a Bottle

Traditionally built on luxury and seduction, fragrance marketers are looking at new ways to reestablish the category's relevance. Perfumarie's Mindy Yang shared her thoughts with WWD's James Manso in "Indie Fragrance Founders Redefine Relevance." [Hope in a Bottle, the 2020 Fragrance Foundation Awards preview issue.]

A note on our top selling mask and the PM2.5 filter

A few notes about why selling PM2.5 masks goes hand-in-hand with selling perfume. We're talking about protecting yourself and others, while cherishing the gift of scent.

Black Lives Matter

Our friends at The Possibility Project compiled a wonderful list of resources to help us learn and support the cause. (Thanks Paul!) We hope you’ll also take some time with your friends, family, or colleagues to watch, read, or listen to one of these important works of art. 

Changing the lives of children through scents.

Villa des Parfums is a fine fragrance brand created by Nicole Derieux and heritage house Molinard for Parfums de Vie, a nonprofit organization with a mission to support the children of refugees and the migrant workers in Grasse, France. 

Imagine Life Without Smell

Anosmia Awareness Day is celebrated each year on the 27th of February. So, what is Anosmia?

Unexpected Gourmand

Kelly + Jones: A look into the brand with Perfumarie.

Bringing Japan Onto the World Perfumery Map

Christophe Laudamiel and Akari Hoshi of BélAir Lab discuss scent innovations in Japan at Perfumarie.

Food, Fragrance & Medicine

On January 29th, 2020, Jimmy Tran and Q Nguyen of Cosmophage Collective will present their latest edible environment in collaboration with Perfumarie, highlighting ingestible and olfactory healing. Guests attending will have the chance to experience three different interdependent categories- food, fragrance and medicine- being unified during this sensational presentation of such prevalent and essential components of our world.