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Steel Rose: Gallagher Fragrances

Perfumarie Presented Gallagher Fragrances in collaboration with our Precious Metals Fragrance Flight.

Perfectly Imperfect, Apprentice Perfumer Ashley Hofmann

For men's fine fragrance my favorite is Sauvage by Christian Dior, and woman's fine fragrance I would say Daisy by Marc Jacobs. My least favorite scent is clove: ever since I had a dry socket after getting my wisdom teeth out the scent just reminds me of a bad experience. have many favorite scents, but I'd say my favorite is sugar cookie. It reminds me of Christmas time with my family. I feel all my favorite scents have story that brings back memory from my past.

Tonight she is Imogen... Tomorrow she will be Juliet.

Caroline Dumur stands at the center of the stage to represent the missing scene in Masque Milano Opera, the Act of Love.

"BEST PERFUME STORE", Perfumarie Won the 2018 New York Award

Perfumarie Discovery Studio has been selected for the 2018 New York Award in the Perfume Store category by the New York Award Program.