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Awakening The Passion: Calvados, Apple Brandy PERFUMARIĒ

Awakening The Passion: Calvados, Apple Brandy


Come on an adventure, a conversation around the intertwined story of fragrance and terroir-driven spirits... Indie Perfumers Guild member François Morrison of BCI/Bonneté and Perfumarie are excited about this new event.

Discover the world of Calvados, the original apple brandy made in Normandy since the 16th century with Pierre Martin-Neuhaus (Coquerel Calvados) and François Morisson as our guides.

Learning about Calvados is getting to know a long history of savoir-faire from permaculture to extracting the full flavors of apples in an elegant brandy.

Pierre and François will share their passion for keeping the “naturalité”, nuances and “savoir-faire” in making Calvados and discuss how terroir applies to unique, fruit-forward yet dry distillate.

This session will be moderated by Perfumarie's Mindy Yang who will help us understand the similarities and nuances between the world of perfume and spirits, the "artisan way" that creates an emotion, and redefines what luxury and premium really mean.




Pierre Martin-Neuhaus: Owner of Distillerie Coquerel

Apple Lover and Owner of Distillerie Coquerel, Pierre MARTIN NEUHAUS was destined to change the face of Calvados. 

Born and raised in Paris, Pierre gained valuable life experience studying and working in both the USA and India before returning to his native roots in October 2014 to join the family distillery in beautiful Normandy where they've been proudly producing COQUEREL Calvados since 1937.

Shortly after taking the reigns at the distillery, he became passionate by all the production processes and decided to combine the rural products of his native Normandy with the spices of his beloved India to create Normindia Gin.

With a unique heritage acquired from both his grand father and father, who spent all their career in the spirit industry, building international brands and distilleries in France (Cognac, Armagnac, Brandy and Calvados of course), Pierre is forcing his own path by reinvigorating a spirit which is much loved but has not yet been recognized for its true value: CALVADOS.

François Morisson

Parisian-born François Morisson’s first experience behind the bar occurred in Tokyo, Japan in 1989. Since then, he has worked in Paris and NYC for the last 3 decades from the opening of the Paris Hard Rock Café in 1991 to the re-opening of NYC iconic restaurant Pastis in 2019.

François has been consulting for various bars, clubs, and liquor brands, traveling the world in search of new flavors and spirits, producing numerous nightlife events and parties in private lofts and other venues along the way.

After having run the bar programs for Keith McNally and Stephen Starr, François assumed the role of the National On-Premise Strategic Accounts Vice-President for BCI, a fast-growing importing and branding company focusing on purely authentic wine and spirits.

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