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Food, Fragrance & Medicine Scented Notes by Perfumarie

Food, Fragrance & Medicine



On January 29th, 2020, Jimmy Tran and Q Nguyen of Cosmophage Collective will present their latest edible environment in collaboration with Perfumarie, highlighting ingestible and olfactory healing. Guests attending will have the chance to experience three different interdependent categories- food, fragrance and medicine- being unified during this sensational presentation of such prevalent and essential components of our world.

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"The preparation and consumption of food, the art of fragrance, and the practice of medicine are coincidentally arcane and modern, tangible and intangible, sapient and superficial, divine and carnal. Even while there continue to be exciting innovations in these fields, these three disciplines continue to be subject to the traditions of the past. From the Classical Period to the Age of Enlightenment, fragrance was the original medicine, playing a crucial therapeutic function to treat ailments of all sorts." -Jimmy Tran, Cosmophage Collective

In this immersive and interactive event produced by Cosmophage at Perfumarie, we will explore three combinations of these disparate regimes: food as medicine, fragrance as food, and fragrance as medicine—touching upon ancient roots and presenting embodied questions for the future.

Tickets available here.

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Jimmy Tran is an anti-disciplinary experience designer and practitioner of the applied arts. His contributions are a unique concatenation of his immersive studies in architecture, gastronomy, environmental design, physical computing, textile science, oenology, and horticulture. He seeks to tailor human experiences by engaging each of the senses and addressing a deeper level of consciousness.

Q Nguyen is an angler, bon vivant, tea purveyor, and contributing playwright for Cosmophage Collective. As the liaison for kindness and connection, he explores and cultivates the sources, distribution, and recipients of care and love. His written words seek to link generations, dimensions, space, and paradigms.

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