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February 27th is Anosmia Awareness Day

February 27th is Anosmia Awareness Day

Anosmia, also known as smell blindness, is the loss of the ability to detect one or more smells. Anosmia may be temporary or permanent. It differs from hyposmia, a decreased sensitivity to some or all smells.

Today is Anosmia Awareness Day. As organizations dedicated to elevating our sense of taste and smell appreciation, Perfumarie and World Taste & Smell Association recognize the profound impact of living with smell loss and dysfunction.

Smell loss was relatively unknown when Anosmia Awareness Day launched ten years ago. COVID-19 has changed that, but support, treatment and cures are still lacking.

Now several groups are working every day to help individuals live with smell loss. As a result of Perfumarie's support for World Taste and Smell Day activities in 2021, for instance, we were able to award funds to support the vital work of patient support groups: AbScent, Fifth Sense, and STANA

WATCH: Katie Boateng, President of STANA shares the impact of these funds in this video

We hope you'll take a moment today, Anosmia Awareness Day, to appreciate the flavors and aromas around you and remember those who can't. If you know others who would be interested in hearing about World Taste and Smell Day 2022, please have them sign up here.

Lastly, we are heartbroken as we pray for Ukraine. We believe that humanity needs to unite to help- not fight - each other more than ever now.

Let's be grateful for being alive. For being able to sit in peace as you read this message of pure goodwill.

We believe that whenever we show up for each other as empathetic human beings, we can collaborate, design, work, live in, and enjoy a brighter world together.

In love and light,

Mindy Yang 

Founder & Executive Creative Director

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