Accord Creation: Fougere [Level 3]

Indie Perfumers Guild

This is a technical course in the methodology of creating and blending a Fougere accord, achieving proportionality and the use of dosing and overdosing.

  • Level 3 / Advanced
  • The class has a capacity of 6-12 students and is up to 3 hours long.
  • All Beginner and Intermediate level courses are required to take this course unless students have already taken equivalent coursework elsewhere.
  • Additional material requirements will be specified upon registration, as this course involves blending. 
  • Teacher: Gus Romero 

With our home at Perfumarie, the IPG is a holistic gathering place for the artistry of perfumery. Founded by Chris Diienno (American Society of Perfumers), Perfumer/Fashion Stylist Gus Romero, Andrea Bifulco (Nose University), and Mindy Yang (Perfumerie), we are a collective that is making fragrance creation and mentorship more accessible for emerging makers, olfactory artists, and scent enthusiasts.


Members of the Guild can be introduced to a wide range of skills from technical perfume-making to olfactory art, scent marketing, product development/regulatory compliance, and fragrance writing. If you are looking for anything from expanding your scent language to developing products from concept to launch, this is your home. Part of the mission of the Guild is to be a gathering place, and an experimental pedagogic model where you can customize your learning journey and dip into whichever formats and modules are suited for your individual interests.

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