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Bringing Japan Onto the World Perfumery Map Scented Notes by Perfumarie

Bringing Japan Onto the World Perfumery Map

On January 30th, BélAir Lab’s Head Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel and Department Head Akari Hoshi joined us to share the scent innovations they are spearheading in Tokyo. 

Akari Hoshi, a former Sony Executive of 20 years, joined BélAir after realizing the incredible potential of the fragrance industry. Through her and Laudamiel’s dynamic partnership, BélAir has developed commissions for Under Armour, the Japanese pharmacy chain Tomod's and the apparel store Azul. 


Following scientific studies around the use of fragrance for athletic enhancement, BélAir partnered with Sony to produce scents for their portable aromatherapy device, the Aromastic, which is currently only available in Japan. 

For BélAir’s project with Tomod's, Laudamiel developed a signature scent that incorporates orange flowers and citron to create a welcoming and refreshing ambiance for their customers. 


In Japan, Laudamiel embraced local ingredients, working with therapeutic botanicals like Ginten. He also created a signature scent for the Japanese company Rohto, using local pineapples that are known for their invigorating effects on health and wellness. As part of our event at Perfumarie, Chef Kristopher Edelen highlighted these unique ingredients in two appetizers he created for a molecular gastronomy tasting.

Click here for more photos from this event.

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