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Unexpected Gourmand Scented Notes by Perfumarie

Unexpected Gourmand

Kelly + Jones's scent Mezcal Blanca was featured in our January Fragrance Flight as an exciting, unexpected Gourmand. 


Wine tasting is a sensory exploration enjoyed by many. Kelly Jones, the founder of Kelly + Jones Fragrances, was one of the many people who have enjoyed wine tasting rooms. From there, she created a fragrance line inspired by the art of wine tasting. During one of her many vineyard visits, she uncovered a strict rule. This rule stated that perfume was forbidden in tastings because of its interference with the aromas of wines. At that moment, she came up with an extraordinary idea to unite the aromas of wine with fragrance. With that, her multi-faceted line of gourmand scents, Kelly + Jones, was born.
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Perfumarie featured Kelly + Jones's Mezcal Blanca as part of our January flight curation with Cosmophage Collective to highlight the art of eccentric gourmand scents. 




In Notes of Ice Wine, Kelly + Jones has incorporated the qualities of ice wine through the use of unique ingredients. Its notes of frozen musk, iced stonefruit, charred oak, and warm honey blend to create an aroma that captures the essence of the spirit.


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