Invite: Bringing Japan Onto the World Perfumery Map with Christophe Laudamiel & BélAir Lab



Join Akari Hoshi (Department Head) & Christophe Laudamiel (Chief Perfumer, BélAir Lab Tokyo) in a special presentation and scent degustation surrounding fine perfumery with sport and gaming applications involving Sony Aromastic, & more.


  • How BélAir Lab mixes Japanese electronics with special scent creations for soccer players (Under Armor/Sony Aromastic®) and e-gamers (Feb 2020 Championships).
  • Learn about BélAir Lab's accomplished projects and its multi-sensory design.
  • How its 100-year-old mission develop new sustainable ingredients will reach the world of perfumery.
  • Why and how Japan is now finally wearing fragrances?

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BélAir Lab is a trademark and fragrance laboratory of Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

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