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Wellness by Design by Perfumarie

A fresh, simplified + sustainable approach:  

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A. Bespoke Fragrance Formulation*: 

Includes bespoke product development COA and SDS for your very own unforgettable fragrance signature or scent logo. We can even make your bespoke aroma usable in the metaverse! 

  • $5,000 bespoke scent design (flat fee) per aroma
  • Most suites requires only 2-6 months of development with manufacturing
  • Exclusive manufacturing contract required
  • Price varies per ingredient and scope

B. White Label Formulas: 

Perfumarie developed thousands of fragrance formulas that can be rapidly made into amenity products to elevate your brand experience for your special event or establishment. 

  • Samples with pricing are available by request
  • Made to order within 6-12 weeks
  • Price varies per ingredient and scope, from $45/gallon
  • There is a one-time lab adaptation fee of $1,800 per SKU
  • No contract required
  • $5k per order minimum

    Please complete this Design Ignitor Form or set up an exploratory call with our team to begin!
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    About the Designer:

    Mindy Yang is a sensory expert, olfactory artist, and expert in immersive brand experience design.

    Yang's exhibition and body of work have been featured in prominent media outlets around the globe. Her love of travel combined with her holistic background in psychology, olfactory art, wellness (aromatherapy, plant medicine, meditation, & reiki), management advisory, distribution, and retail lend a unique perspective to her creative process:

    "I explore the intersection of (the art & science) of fragrance & flavor, the human experience, and thoughtful, sustainable design.
    Infused into my process, I study the touchpoints and help identify the union with each brand's goals and core values.
    What can we do to make things more accessible, meaningful, and memorable? 
    Perfumarie helps our clients design and choreograph holistic, impactful, and emotional experiences, creating profound moments to meet our customers where they are," shares Mindy Yang.

    Photo Credit: The New York Times

    In addition to being the CEO of Perfumarie, Yang is an Advisor & Board Member to many startup companies within Perfumarie's brand incubator. Yang also serves as Chief Engagement Officer & Executive Board Member of the World Taste & Smell Association (WTSDA.Org).

    *Specialty vessel design, fixture design, and lab compliance reports are available for a supplemental fee upon request.