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The First Scent Supper by Christophe Laudamiel Scented Notes by Perfumarie

The First Scent Supper by Christophe Laudamiel

The First Scent Supper at Perfumarie

The largest and amongst the provocative of all olfactory art installations, THE FIRST SCENT SUPPER explores sex, addiction, taboos, and bottled moments at Perfumarie.

"This is an invitation for strangers to come to dinner... To sit around our Gathering Table and share thoughts and memories evoked by olfactory encounters," beckons Founder & Curator Mindy Yang.

"The First Scent Supper explores the introspection provoked by meticulously created smells within our own brains. It fosters verbal and body communication between strangers around an inconspicuous table.

As an artist and a scientist, this is delightful to watch. I enjoy very much watching visitors and patrons discovering themselves in ways they didn’t know their brain hosted. Even as the most serious people smell, they cannot prevent themselves from sharing, often in surprising manners.  Some of the emotional scents are used by museums, biologists and psychologists alike to unleash in the brain of viewers-sniffers childhood or adulthood memories along with their visceral surprising reactions," shared Master Perfumer & Resident Olfactory Artist Advisor Christophe Laudamiel on his exhibit.

THE FIRST SCENT SUPPER is on exhibit at PERFUMARIĒ at 155 Lafayette Street (SoHo, New York City) through November 17th, 2017. This is a complimentary exhibit for all guests. 21+.

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