Self-care is most important during this time of uncertainty. When people feel vulnerable, anxiety, apathy, and depression are also on the rise.

Former Creative Director for Penhaligon’s and l’Artisan Parfumeur, Nathalie Vinciguerra incorporated aromatherapy to create a new fragrance brand, Anima Vinci, as feel-good potions to uplift our mood. Anima Vinci held its U.S. launch at Perfumarie on March 11th.

Anima Vinci is created to offer feel-good potions.


“Anima Vinci is a creative expression and a reflection of my belief in the true power of fragrance, how our senses can have such a positive effect on our hearts, minds, and spirits. Even the slightest hint of an aroma has the power to change our attitudes, our moods, our minds, and our actions,” shares Nathalie Vinciguerra, Co-Founder of Anima Vinci. “This is the Anima Vinci way,” she adds devotedly.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Perfumarie (also a women-founded company) is featuring Anima Vinci in a special preview and presentation of Nathalie’s empowering brand with Jean-Laurent Dupont, CEO and Co-Founder of Anima Vinci, who’s visiting New York from London.

The sense of smell is having a renaissance. Today, we have evidence-based studies around the scent’s powerful impact on our well-being, and Anima Vinci partners with an NGO organization that is known for sourcing sustainable raw materials from around the world for the benefit of local communities. Anima Vinci’s experienced Founders stand strong on sharing their knowledge of the brand that sufficiently summarizes their state of mind toward ingredients and the people behind them. “It’s our responsibility to play our part in getting the world in better shape,” says Jean-Laurent Dupont, Co-Founder of Anima Vinci.

“Smell Your Way to Wellness”

In the Wood of Life fragrance (warm and soothing, like a healing wood-smoke ritual), the star ingredient, Piri Piri, is a tropical grass root from Peru. The Piri Piri has been harvested and extracted by a local Amazonian tribe supported by NGO eco-preservation, Coeur de Foret, which teaches the tribe production skills that now support their livelihoods. Wood of Life is a magical fragrance by Master Perfumer Michel Roudniska. Since its creation, the Piri Piri has garnered adoration by communities all over the world,” shares Jean-Laurent. “For instance, CAGES, an innovative theatrical show in Los Angeles, is using Wood of Life as their love potion in the show.”

Wood Of Life Perfume by Anima Vinci

Tudo Azul, an award-winning composition, was The Fragrance Foundation’s Finalist in 2019 (UK), only a year after the brand had launched. Other scents from the Anima Vinci line like Oud Delight and Rose Prana have been prominently recognized in Vogue Russia and with The Perfume Society (UK).

Anima Vinci invites us to transform the quality of life by breathing in, feeling and uplifting emotions with scents. The effervescent energy of the universe offers us the ever-present beauty of the natural world. For wholesale or media inquiries, please contact For photos on our event, please visit our album on Facebook.


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