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Bass, Treble, Balance Scented Notes by Perfumarie

Bass, Treble, Balance

Bass, Treble, Balance is Tomas Delos Reyes’ extension of his ongoing meditation practice and an exploration of his inner growth. All the works in the collection focus on specific musical performers and are an expression of the sensations experienced through the music while constructing each piece. The meticulous process of hand-cut and collage in a continuous circular motion is inspired by the spiritual geometric configuration of the sacred mandalas of Tibetan Buddhism. The use of a 12-inch vinyl record as the canvas bridges the concept staying true to the theme and motion of the work itself. The artist uses this practice as a response to his inner desire for change and rebalancing of his life. Just as each Mandala traditionally would center around a religious or spiritual deity, each subject character is depicted as such either in their common form or reimagined as a religious or spiritual figure. 

The opening reception for the exhibit at Perfumarie on December 5th (5 - 8 PM) will feature music from the musical artists represented in each piece as a point of sonic reference. In this show, a third layer of the 5 senses, the sense of smell is added to the experience where finished fragrances are curated intended to translate the energy of each piece. Through this multi-layered experience, the viewer is invited to find their own space of balance within each piece.

Tomas Delos Reyes is a modern-day Renaissance man currently living in Brooklyn, New York. As an artist with a diverse spectrum of disciplines which includes painting, Djing, videography, and cocktail mixology in the liquor industry, his work serves as a translation of his every day living mixed with visions in his dreams. His early artistic inspirations drew from colorful murals of San Francisco where he grew up as a graffiti artist to studying Film at the Academy of Art. He has exhibited work in several group shows with Outlaw Arts in New York City. 

Tomas’ current collection of work Bass, Treble, Balance will run through December 31st at Perfumarie.

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