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A Moment with Stefania Nobile Scented Notes by Perfumarie

A Moment with Stefania Nobile

Often people ask me: "what was your first experience with perfumes?" Well, my sincere answer is none...

I like challenges, I love adventures and I'm not afraid of what's new. My mother, who was a widow, was busy with 5 daughters to raise. There was no smell in my bathroom or in the house.

I wore my first perfume at the age of 16 when Massimo gave me Casanova, made by MORRIS, an Italian perfume known by very few that in the 80s had an incredible success in the Middle East. 

I remember that my sister, who is12 years older than me, had one in her locked wardrobe, where she preserved her clothes from the assault of the other four. It was Madame Grès's Cabochard! When you opened the cabinet, you could smell it. So then I adapted too… I wore Coco by Chanel for years.

When Massimo asked me I want to create a perfume that represents Italian good taste, I said let's create it together. It was an immediate yes that came from the heart.

Today, we can speak about Niche perfume, and I'm a fan of my work. I study the concept of our perfumes a lot; it is a passion for me. 

Passion is what I have in common with Massimo. Diversity is what helps us to grow because it stimulates a dialogue. Massimo’s experience helps me to deal with problems. My enthusiasm helps him to believe in the projects that I propose him and for which he contributes with his support to actualization.

Together, we are a wonderful team.

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