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A Moment with Massimo Nobile Scented Notes by Perfumarie

A Moment with Massimo Nobile

To be honest, everything comes from an idea that maybe you already have in. You keep it hidden for a long time and one day you decide to come out spontaneously and only then do you understand that you want to do it.

If you really believe you are also unconscious and daring. It takes great courage... And with it, we battle fear and risks.

The unknown and the desire to know exceeded the time and means available for me. Even my father, if he had been alive, would have advised against my decision to uphold this vision.

Only Stefania could have stopped me if she had been against it. Astonishingly… and when I least expected it… she said to me "let's build it together”.

Our story started with my grandfather Umberto with his shop in 1942 and my father Benito with a story of lavenders dedicated to him... Now, I represent the third generation of a family very involved in this world of strong scented emotions.

But what is really important is what this past has left within me and how I can treasure it for the future. The world flows quickly and evolves at the speed of light. But the sensitivity to what is beautiful, the accuracy of details, the pursuit of the quality of both doing and interpersonal relationships are things that you have sown in time within you. A trademark. Our trademark.

When I was at Chanel I breathed in the area of a great Maison and I could have been dazzled by it. But it was not so… I was looking for values all around.

Today, together with Stefania, we seek out great makers from Italy to offer our customer a little taste of what artisan tradition is still able to do.
Our creations speak of our passion, our daily commitment to wanting to measure ourselves in the first person on everything.
Can a product transmit all this? We try to do everything possible so you can.

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