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Perfumarie Archives / Scents By the Fill

  • March through Summer of 2020 PERFUMARIńí

    March through Summer of 2020

    Perfumarie partnered with Olfactif to explore how scent relates to the psyche. Ironically and surprisingly, the pandemic hit two weeks in and New York suddenly went into quarantine.

    While our reveal event was canceled, we thank you all for the continued support and visits! We look forward to hearing your thoughts regarding this lineup, Perfumarie's installation/archive from March through August of 2020.

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  • October 2019 Scented Notes by Perfumarie

    October 2019

    Scent in Colors - - - Multisensory perception is what makes everything not only doable but also pleasurable! This month is dedicated to the synesthetes out there who live with an excess of connection and associations. We invite all noses...

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  • July 2019 Scented Notes by Perfumarie

    July 2019

    Summer Picnic - - - Surfside, lakeside or simply a blanket in the yard, this month's archive celebrates summer food, wine, & gatherings with fine scents to pair!  ~ The following scents are available by the fill while supplies last...

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  • June 2019 Scented Notes by Perfumarie

    June 2019

    Written in the Stars - - - June's scents are otherworldly and created for and by dreamers.  It is our greatest pleasure to collaborate with the American Society of Perfumers (ASP) and host this year's springboard for future perfumers at Perfumarie. Seven of...

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  • December 2018 Scented Notes by Perfumarie

    December 2018

    Meditation, Acceptance, & Restoration ~ Last call for the following scents by the fill ~ By the mL By the Bottle 011218 Orangers en Fleurs by Houbigant 021218 Unforgivable Woman, Sean Jean by David Apel 031218 Anthamber*, Aroma Molecule (Synthetic) 041218...

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  • January 2018 Scented Notes by Perfumarie

    January 2018

    Mystery Perfume On TapsJanuary Archive, 2018 Priced by the mL By the Bottle 010118 * * * Perfumarie Reserved * * * (Darryl Do) 020118 Citizen Queen, Juliette Has A Gun (Discontinued) 030118 Perfumer's Accord, Habanolide (R) (Christophe Laudamiel) 040118 * * * Perfumarie...

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