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October 2019 Scented Notes by Perfumarie

October 2019

Scent in Colors

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Multisensory perception is what makes everything not only doable but also pleasurable! This month is dedicated to the synesthetes out there who live with an excess of connection and associations. We invite all noses to take part in the exercise of assigning a color to scent. Drop in to speak with our studio team about 
    ~ The following scents are available by the fill while supplies last ~
    By the mL By the Bottle
    011019 White Tea, Wild Rose, Elizabeth Arden / This is an almost transparent rose with a heart of mate absolute by Rodrigo Flores Roux and Guillaume Flavigny
    021019 Jasmolactone*, Perfumer's Material
    031019 Aromatics In WhiteClinique by Nicolas Beaulieu
    041019 * * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do / This is a comforting lactonic, "oaty scent" with the subtle sweetness of honey.
    Light Blue Escape to Panarea, D&G
    * * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do  / A housemade refreshing spearmint tea with hints of orange blossom and sandalwood.
    Charlie Silver, Revlon
    * * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do / This is a punchy yuzu fragrance with vibrant opening and a blood orange heart. A clean musk base rounds out the composition.
    091019 Pink Bouquet, Moschino by Olivier Pescheux
    101019 Neon Graffiti, Jazmin Sarai by Dana el Masri
    111019 Violet Disguise, Imaginary Authors by Josh Meyer
    121019 Dark Purple, Montale by Pierre Montale
    Pure Gold, Montale by Pierre Montale
    141019 Cinnamon Bark*, Perfumer's Material
    151019 Ambar, J. Del Pozo by Marie Salamagne
    161019 Black Pearls, Elizabeth Taylor
    171019 Gold Flowers, Montale by Pierre Montale
    * * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do / This is a grounding blend of amber and benzoin with spicy cinnamon bark and cloves.
    191019 Red, Giorgio B. Hills by Bob Aliano
    Platinum, Coach by Bruno Jovanovic
    211019 Watt Blue, Parfums Watt
    Portfolio Green, Perry Ellis
    Benzoin Accord* by Darryl Do
    Brut BlackBrut Parfums
    * * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do / A dark, decadent oud with a vetiver heart, and patchouli and sandalwood as accents. 
      - - - - - Perfumarie Reserve = House creations not available in the commercial market. Available by the fill, in 5mL, 15mL, & 50mL sizes only while supply lasts.  *Not for Skin. 
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