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January 2019 Scented Notes by Perfumarie

January 2019

Fresh, Wholesome, Kick-Start & Reboot 
~ The following scents are available by the fill while supply lasts ~

By the mL By the Bottle
010119 Timberol*, Aroma Molecule (Synthetic)
030119 Believe, Britney Spears
L'eau d'Issey PureIssey Miyake 
Hippy Fizz Cheap and Chic, Moschino by Vincente Marcello
Baby Powder, Demeter
* * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do
Beta-Ocimene*, Christophe Laudamiel
090119 Fig & Honey Accord*, Darryl Do
100119 WavesRegime des Fleurs by Mathieu Nardin
110119 * * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do
120119 So YouGiorgio Beverly Hills by Francoise Caron
130119 Courvoisier L’edition ImperialeCourvoisier by Alexis Dadier
140119 Amber, Laboratory Perfumes
150119 Genie in a bottle, Trance Essence by Janna Sheehan
160119 Cashmere, Luigi Borrelli Fragrances
170119 Clary Sage Absolute*, Natural
180119 Cigar Remy LatourRemy Latour
190119 Jardins de Bagatelle, Guerlain by Jean-Paul Guerlain
* * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do
210119 * * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do
* * * Perfumarie Reserve * * * by Darryl Do
230119 Amour de Palazzo, Jul et Mad by Dorothee Piot
Traversée, L'Arc Parfums by Julien Rasquinet 
Aoud LimeMontale by Pierre Montale

- - - - -

Perfumarie Reserve = House creations not available in the commercial market. Available by the fill, in 5mL, 15mL, & 50mL sizes only while supply lasts. 

*Not for Skin.



  • 010119 / Timberol is a synthetic used to induce the dark character and texture of amber and wood. It is also known as Woodamber. 
  • 020119 / Il Sentiero degli Dei (the path of gods) is one of the most beautiful and famous hiking trail of the Mediterranean coast for its stunning Sky Line between Bomerano and Nacelle, the small township that rests high above the Amalfi coastline, a famous stretch of coast south of Sorrento.

    This incredible route, where the ridges of Lattari’s Mountains slide and sink into the blue of the sea toward the Island of Capri, speaks of the story of the encounter between Ulysses and the Sirens. As the story goes, Ulysses had his men strap him to the mast of the ship while his crew muffled their ears so they would not hear the fateful song of the Sirens. The Gods of Olympus, flew down to Earth to prevent their favorite from becoming shipwrecked, but they landed a good way to the east and, in their haste to save Ulysses, stampeded along what was then a pristine and gentle coastline, leaving in their wake the cliffs and beautiful landscape we now call the Amalfi Coast.

    Il Sentiero Degli Dei by Nobile 1942 will Walk you through the smells of this path: luminous and sparkling top notes of Lemon green leaves are blended with a floral bouquet of rose, jasmine and iris in the heart notes. The dry down is woody with hints of amber and tonka beans that create the perfect sillage.

  • 070119 / "This delicate scent for her, blooming with notes of lavender, lush greens, and white tea embarks the energy of spring into a journey of past introspection and future optimism." ~Darryl Do
  • 080119 / This molecule is a very volatile top note, which smells artificial and metallic for the layperson. "In fact, it smells of the clean herbal almost medicinal effect of lavender, of a dark citrus green leaf and… of the distinctive metallic part of a mango peel. Next time you peel a mango, think clean metallic... you cannot miss it! It's full blast once you know it. Now that you know it, come and smell Ocimene again at Perfumarie! You will see the mango note in it full blast. Aside from being in the mango and blackcurrants, it is found naturally in many herbs (basil, thyme, mint, oregano…). In lemon leaves and in kumquat and mandarins too! It lifts other more lazy fresh notes in a perfumes in application. It can also help to render a petal note more petaly. This raw scent, when pure, is like a chameleon in fragrance compositions." ~Christophe Laudamiel
  • 110119 / "Amongst the notes of fir needles, pine and sandalwood, this fragrance is an homage to the pine tree. Spiritually, the "pine" is a symbol of enlightenment. Can you see the pine trees and smell the warmth by a fireplace on a wintery night" ~Darryl Do
  • 160119 / "Cashmere is an aromatic- and synesthetic- ode to the luxurious namesake textile. The perfumer created the composition exploring the interaction between the transparent musk and its dark, woody-resinous counterpart, with its star accord built around a multifaceted labdanum note and its balmy, amber, and animalic shades! After a brisk bergamot start, black pepper, incense, and labdanum gather into a semi-transparent smoky shawl to water down the metal clink and the spicy cloves’ hot breath. A surprising opening turns into cashmere with the help of a spicy, woody and musk-powder embrace... A must-try for collectors." ~Mindy Yang
  • 170119 / "Clary Sage absolute has a waxy like appearance at room temperature, and has a creamy green top note, and earthy base note. In aromatherapy, the essential oil treats depression, menstrual cramps, and menopause symptoms." ~Mindy Yang
  • 200119 / "With its sparkling burst of citrus in a blend of sweet lime, grapefruit, yuzu, and bergamot, and earthy notes of the above clary sage absolute; This unisex perfume is an ultimate boost to a fit and healthy 2019! Citrus notes are invigorating in aromatherapy. Yuzu baths, in fact, are known to guard against cold and relax the mind in Asia." ~Darryl Do
  • 210119 / "Nicknamed Holy Water, this scent is an ozonic perfume with woody notes of timberol and guaiac wood with an undertone of maple." ~Darryl Do
  • 220119 / "With full bodied notes of rose, geranium, gardenia, and baby powder, I created this scent to inspire self love. With rose being traditionally used as dusting powders, this perfume is a modern version to unleash your inner diva." ~Darryl Do
  • 240119 / "Traversée is a tribute to the Atlas Mountains. An enthralling duet of magical cedar and touches of violet captivates the heart. A base of leather, musk, and amber rounds out this creation. This woody scent celebrates the birch. It's a wonderfully unisex aphrodisiac." ~Mindy Yang
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