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Steel Chillers - The Stainless Steel Food Grade Ice Cubes for Cocktails by VistaShops

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Fulfilled by our friends at VistaShops

Party Time Drink Mixer recipe that even James will love.

Mix your favorite cocktails in the cocktail shaker, give it a good shake (do not stir). Now take out your freezer storage tray from the fridge.
Pick up a few STEEL CHILLERS with the tong and throw them into the deep Champagne goblets.
Pour your cocktail and garnish with Lemon peels or Olives. Got it? Cheers!

Enjoy the same flavor till the last drop, your drink will not be diluted now as you have used STEEL CHILLERS instead of melting ice!
Reuse the Steel Chillers every time for Margaritas, Sangrias, Mojitos and Juices and never worry about your choice of beverage watering down again.

• 6 Stainless steel food grade cubes.
• A Freezer Tray to store and serve the steel cubes.
• A Stainless Steel Serving Tong.
• Very ideal for Entertaining.