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Sparkling Bath Salts by Esker

$75.00 USD

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Fulfilled by our friends at Esker

Esker Sparkling Bath Salts are a premium bath additive containing dead sea and epsom salts to draw out impurities, soothing coconut milk powder to hydrate, and kaolin clay to soften the skin. Mood boosting Eucalyptus and juniper work with lavender oils to promote relaxation and improve sleep.

The warm and sensuous scent adds and at-home-spa vibe to your bathing ritual. Sparkling Bath Salts live up to their name, when you see a slight shimmer in your bath water, it’s time to step in. Our Bath Salts come packaged in a 10 ounce custom crafted, in-house designed glass carafe wrapped in handwoven seagrass. The inside of the lid serves as the perfect measuring tool to dispense the salts.