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SPA La FACIA - Essential face moisturizer & all natural mist maker by VistaShops

$113.95 USD

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Fulfilled by our friends at VistaShops


Your very own SPA to rejuvenate your face.
Don't miss out on the mist that is a must have now!
Dream to always look like you been on a holiday. Happy and relaxed.

Imagine your eyes and entire face having a baby soft, youthful appearance as well as a very well hydrated and moist skin that speaks volumes.

Gone are the days of carrying heavy bottles of moisturizers that only promise to moist the face but do just the opposite and give you a dry look, the oily mess that makes you blot every time you reach for the spray.

No tissues. No issues.

Stop Spritzing. Start Misting.

Without spending hours in some costly spa achieve the dewy look in moments, SPA La Facia way!!!