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SOFTSKIN Body Lotion by CLEARSTEM Skincare

$38.00 USD

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Fulfilled by our friends at CLEARSTEM Skincare

Barrier-Restoring, Hydrating, Nourishing

SOFTSKIN is Your Functional Hydration for Acne-Prone Skin

Benefits: Say BYE to body & booty breakouts while nourishing your most sensitive skin areas! SOFTSKIN delivers calming hydration to your skin and restores the skin barrier so you are less prone to the bacterial infections and irritation that lead to body acne. Watch scar tissue, keratosis pilaris (KP) and body acne heal thanks to the blend of soothing botanicals and barrier-restoring hydration molecules.

Breathe in the de-stressing aroma as you apply this luxe lotion, and relax with ease knowing that this formula is intended for sensitive and breakout-prone areas.

Zero pore-cloggers, zero toxins- enjoy.