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Soapstone Carved Smudge Bowl Kit by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

When the smoke clears, your heart and space will be open to beautiful intention - this and many more peaceful prayers are reason enough to fall in love with smudging. This Stone Carved Smudge Bowl Kit comes with everything you need to effectively welcome wellness into your body, mind, soul, and home. From a natural hand-carved smudge pot to sand, California White Sage, and a smudging card for guidance, this is how you soak up the negative fog and keep yourself blessed with sacred energy.

“With this smudge pot, I elevate the experience with calm and cooling energy”


The ancient ritual of smudging comes with a bounty of blissful healing benefits. From simply being used as an air purifier to welcoming calming energy and sweeter sleep, actually neutralizing negative ions, and bringing clarity and making space for intention - there’s so much power in this act of ceremony. 

Having the right smudge pot is all part of the art of ritual, by choosing tools that bring their own dose of magic - you can heighten the experience and create a safe space for burning your sage. The hand-carved soapstone carved smudge pot is one of the best choices. Crafted from stone that brings its own calm and cooling energy, its soft and malleable moods, and its heat resistant properties, you can call on all of these healing elements to elevate your smudging practice. The carvings are unique and pay homage to the history of smudging.

This glorious kit comes with a California White Sage smudging stick. California White Sage is potent with cleansing energy and is one of the most popular kinds of smudge used in ancient and holistic ceremonies. With its long tapered silver leaves and its antioxidant-rich properties, you can promote peace, and rest, and pave the way for manifestation whenever you choose to use it.


  • 5" Diameter, 2" High
  • Hand Made in India
  • Kit contains Smudge Pot, Natural Sand, California White Sage Smudge Stick, and Smudging Card
  • Can be used for Smudge, Incense Resin, Incense Sticks & Cones