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Red Jasper Ganesh by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Get grounded and find success in all your endeavours with the Red Jasper Ganesha. This gemstone Ganesha is carved from earthy and bright natural Red Jasper. The blend of the lessons that the Lord Ganesha has to share and the lush and deep nurturing energy that comes from the Red Jasper stone put you in good stead for getting all that you desire in life.

“With this Red Jasper Ganesha, I set myself on the path to victory”


With his elephant head, his bold belly, curved trunk, and tiny eyes, the Ganesha idol has long been connected with mastering the mind, celebrating intelligence, and forging pathways to victory. This Hindu deity is brimming with symbolism and lessons that we should be sure to carry with us every single day.

The elephant is an animal linked with wisdom and memory. The oversized ears remind us to listen closely both externally and in. The tiny eyes talk of sharp focus and seeing all. The big belly tells us to digest the good and the bad. When we embrace these reminders, we are better equipped for removing obstacles and steadying ourselves as we move through life.

The Red Jasper stone is a perfect companion to the Ganesha carving. Red Jasper holds great grounding forces and is considered to be a stone of endurance and nurturing. It gives us back our inner power and reminds us that our own strength can be limitless when we call on the right mindset. It taps into our energy points, clears out the chakras, and sets fire to those parts of us that have been feeling stagnant. Suddenly, we are aflame and awakened with passion, a zest for life, and newfound courage and power that pulls us forward. For those who seek emotional stability and a livelier spark to see them to victory, the Red Jasper Ganesha has got your back.


  • Genuine Red Jasper Gemstone
  • Approx. 1.5" high 1.5" wide
  • Statue varies in shape, size, and markings
  • Hand-carved with love in India
  • Comes with a description card