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PureTech Ultrasonic Fruits And Veggie Cleaner by VistaShops

$179.95 USD

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Fulfilled by our friends at VistaShops

Be totally in charge of your family's health and nutritional needs.

When you make it a point to buy only organic produce as much as possible, you also need to know the fact that even organically grown produce is sprayed with some level of pesticide and herbicides to protect the crops from predators and diseases. It's always best to thoroughly wash and clean the residue of those pesticides and herbicides before cooking, or else they can enter our system and can be harmful to our health.

Let the PureTech Ultrasonic Cleaner take over your kitchen essentials, just add it to plain water with your fruits and vegetables while you wash and clean them. Press on the switch, and it will faithfully start cleaning your fruits and veggies, without damaging them from the outside and without destroying the nutritional values from the inside. So simple and genius! You can also purify your tap water, and keep your small kitchen utensils, tableware, or even your fine jewelry germ-free by simply adding this Ultrasonic cleaner to the water.


Such an easy way to preserve food for the longest time free of germs.
Very convenient to carry anywhere outdoor for picnics and camping as it can fit the palm of your hand.
Large-capacity 4400mah long-lasting battery.
It is wireless and can be used for 25 + times with single charge.
It is IPX7 waterproof.
It comes in various colors to choose from.
Get more for everyday use, each sold separately.