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Pipe Tobacco by Gorilla Candles™

$17.45 USD

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Fulfilled by our friends at Gorilla Candles™

One thing you’ll never forget is the smell of your grandfather’s pipe. The oddly satisfying mix of stale tobacco, musk, and a hint of vanilla. Some claim this is the smell of men. Who knows, but at least now you can enjoy the smell of grandpa’s pipe for years to come.


  • Keeps the memory of your grandfather alive
  • A scent made just for men, despite the pink label

We captured the essence of grandpa’s pipe in this novelty candle for men. Our Pipe Tobacco candle can help set the tone, whether you’re reminiscing about old war stories your grandfather used to tell you or you’re trying to channel Sherlock Holmes for Halloween.


  • 40 hours of burn time
  • Homemade, non-toxic soy candle