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Palo Santo Smudge Kit with Abalone Shell by Tiny Rituals

$48.00 USD

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Shamans, sages, healers, and anyone who wants to harbor the cleansing power of plant medicine all turn to the sweet pine vibes of Palo Santo Wood. A sacred wood with purifying energy, this Palo Santo Smudge Stick set comes with everything you need to harness the beautiful benefits of Palo Santo. Bringing together the water energy of the Abalone Shell, the purifying power of White Sage, and the sacred nature of Palo Santo, you can discover peace, grounding, and connection.

“With this stick, I respectfully honor ancient tradition while deepening my connection to the divine”


The sacred plant of Palo Santo has been used in cleansing rituals for thousands of years. It's a tree that is celebrated and considered to be sacred in South America. The word Santo actually translates to mean ‘holy wood’. It was traditionally used to clear out negative energies and evil spirits. Beyond the purifying a place element, Palo Santo can also be used to soothe illness, lift your mood, and welcome in abundance and good fortune.  

As we move through the world with the aim of being respectful to these ancient and deeply spiritual cultures, it's important to seek sustainably sourced Palo Santo and take the time to embrace the smudging process with proper care and consideration. This Palo Santo Smudge Set with Abalone Shell helps you to do just that. 

The Palo Santo Sticks have a high resin content which means they are rich in purifying energy. This wonderful wood is also rich in antioxidants and limonene meaning its soothing scent can heal. Whether you want to purify a place, embrace the art of rest and rejuvenation, or nurture a deeper connection with the divine, Palo Santo can be the smoke that takes you there. 


  • 4-5" abalone shell,   
  • 1 white sage stick, 
  • 2 Palo Santo Sticks, 
  • 2 oz sand, 
  • How to smudge directions card