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Oxygen perfume

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Intoxicating with purity

“The idea was that of an oxygenated wood... Steamy and refreshing at the same time, more complex than oxygen itself. I thought of liquid oxygen in which you put pressurized woods. Then everything is boiling, you put your nose on it... And there it is, a scent you cannot catch neither capture, but that is in the air, all around you. With touches of saffron, olibanum and pepper, overdose of aldehydes and musk, and deep and earthy vetyver.” Antoine Lie.

Oxygen is a light, intangible fragrance yet present at the same time... A mixture of wood and musk. On the one hand the earthy depth of the cedar wood and the vetyver, on the other hand the ethereal bright lightness of the musk. Together they recreate a single note, to dive into ... Diving into a cloud in contact with the trees, on the boundary between heaven and earth. A light run-up to the discovery of a remote and hidden spring.

Aldehydes, Pepper, Saffron, Olibanum, Vetyver, Musk, Cedar Wood, Guaiac Wood, Patchouli