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Hydrogen perfume

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Breathing euphoria

“Hydrogen to me is the element of energy; that’s why my fragrance is so sparkling. Hydrogen as the origin of everything, an explosion of essential elements. Touches of spices, woods, vanilla... Musk accords, the beginning of sensuality and sexuality.

Basil accents, oak moss and lichens for the vegetal sphere; mandarin and melon, fruity and watery notes at the same time. Jasmine, floral expression... Green tones of aldehydes, representing purity and transparency. Hydrogen, origin of the universe, part of the whole, extremely pure and transparent... Like [1H], a scent blown off a short formula of raw materials able to olfactively represent the primordial explosion.

A fragrance with different facets – vegetal, floral, fruity, transparent – constantly seeking an intangible purity. Surrounded by this explosion, I’ve created [1H].” Antoine Lie

Hydrogen is so bright as to be fluorescent, in constant motion, bubbles of soda in the nose. It is vital, joyful, irrepressible, clear, pungent with aldehydes. It is vibrant and dynamic, fresh to the nth degree. Absolutely unique. Playful and irreverent.

Aldehydes, Lime, Mandarin, Melon, Spices, Basil, Lichens, Oak Moss, Jasmine, Vanilla, Woods, Musk