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House Blend Black Tea (Creamy Vanilla English Breakfast) by Plum Deluxe Tea

$28.00 USD

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Fulfilled by our friends at Plum Deluxe Tea

For us this a classic vanilla black tea is the most comforting tea blend, which is why we call it our "house blend" – inspired by a typical British "builder's tea," it is strong yet restorative. The black vanilla tea base is a balanced mix of bold, malty Assam and citrusy sweet Ceylon black teas (in traditional English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast style), with a sprinkle of creamy vanilla as well as malva flowers and safflowers to add a pop of Plum Deluxe signature color that reflects the thoughtful attention that goes into every cup.

This tea blends up so nicely, whether you like it with honey, sugar, milk, a side of shortbread & biscuits, on ice... or just like it is, piping hot!

This blend is available in both 1-ounce and 4-ounce (4 oz) sizes.

House Blend now comes in a decaf version, 1-ounce size only.