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Herbal Sampler - Try all 4 Blends - 8 Servings by Avocado Tea Co.

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Fulfilled by our friends at Avocado Tea Co.

Not sure which blend is best for you? Try this Herbal Sampler to try all four of our herbal blends. 

Unlike traditional tea Avocado Leaf has almost no tannins so you can steep the bag as long as you would like, it just gets better and more flavorful with every minute! Each tea sachet brews 2 full flavored cups and each fragrant sip transports you to the sunlit avocado groves of California.

Natural Leaf- The natural leaf has a smooth, rustic profile with earthy notes and a delicate flavor. It has been compared to a fine oolong or a smooth green tea without the typical astringency a green tea can bring. WINNER of World Tea Expo "Best Tasting Hot Bagged Tea"

Peach - A perfect combination of a sun ripen peach, infused with a smooth and rustic flavor of the avocado leaf. A delicate sweet note is added from the succulent honey bush. This is a Fan Favorite!

Chamomile - chamomile blend is aromatic and light body with a natural taste of Honey. The avocado leaf and a delicate floral profile of the chamomile flower are in perfect harmony.

Lemon - Our Lemon Blend is light and bright with a subtle fruit sweetness added by the honey bush. It has a fresh Meyer lemon taste without the bitterness a lemon can bring.

Naturally Caffeine Free
Our Avocado Natural Leaf is naturally caffeine free.

Avocado Leaf
The leaves of the avocado tree have been used as an elixir for centuries dating back to Aztec and Mayan cultures. In recent years the avocado leaf has been studied by universities around the world and has been proven to contain phytochemical substances with powerful natural antioxidants. The leaves provide all the nutritional
benefits of the avocado fruit and more.

Upcycled & Hand Picked for Perfection!
Making Avocado Leaf Tea is a labor of love. Each leaf is hand picked from our avocado trees and inspected for quality. Picking each leaf individually is a time consuming and labor intensive process but we do this to ensure that every cup of Avocado Leaf Tea you drink is perfect!


Plant Based
Star K Kosher Certified
Gluten Free
Zero Calories
No Artificial Flavors
No Artificial Colors
No Preservatives
Keto Friendly
Made in USA


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