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Harissa Sauce

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An homage to traditional Maghrebi flavor, Ukuva’s Harissa Sauce builds depth from pure red peppers and essential North African spices. Use harissa in a tagine with lamb, eggplant, and tomatoes, or brush Harissa sauce, olive oil and fresh chili onto chicken before cooking (and serve a little sauce on the side at mealtime).


Turqle Trading creates jobs in a country with astounding rates of unemployment. Fully 60% of black women and half of the nation's youth are unable to find jobs. Your purchase ensures steady employment, education for children, and a legacy of worth for future generations.

With a mission to create sustainable jobs, South Africa's Turqle Trading was founded in 1997. Embracing fair trade as the needed new model for social growth, the organization has established a compassionate interface between South African fair trade food producers and fair trading markets, both locally and internationally. Turqle also believes its products must benefit South Africa; its manufacturing revenue stays in the country, enabling it to create complete infrastructure and sustainability. With healthy industries come viable companies, resilient societies, and resourceful individuals, and Turqle's employees develop both job and life skills through group training that help them plan for their families' future. Turqle also pays school fees for employees' children to ensure each receives a good education. Committed to goodness and flavor, Turqle Trading employs nearly 500 South Africans, from small, semi-rural producers to larger manufacturers.