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Flight of Fragrances - White Label

$15.00 USD

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This flight of fragrance includes a 1mL vial of each of our four signature fragrances: Epiphany, Gravitas, Siren Song, and Survival Instinct. Spend a little time with each of them.

Epiphany An intense greenness with hints of dew-covered moss and life ready to step into the sunlight. Notes: Citrus, Herb, Green

Gravitas / A heavy spice of candlelight and old books, arcanum and meditation. Gravitas deepens and deepens with thought. Notes: Chai, Amber, Mandarin

Siren Song 
A sharp wit tempered with rosy sweetness. The powdery arias of all who have ever loved, resonating in unison. Notes: Floral, Clove, Pepper

Survival Instinct / An axe striking cedar. Immediately in a fresh after-rain spring hemlock forest, striding toward the sunrise. Pemmican in your pouch. Knife in your belt. Notes: Wood, Anise, Earth