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Flight of Fragrances - Black Label

This flight of fragrance includes a 1mL vial of each of our Black Label fragrances: Apricity, Arcanum, Mocha Valentino, and Nijananda. Spend a little time with each of them. 

Apricity / Apricity is the heat of sunshine on an icy winter day, rays of warmth above the frozen tundra. Notes: Basil, frozen air, angelica

Arcanum / Arcanum is the eyes of age shining through a youthful smile, resonating deep and low. Notes: Musk, raisins, myrrh

Mocha Valentino /Mocha Valentino is a chocolate-lover's delight. Indulgence in fragrant form. Notes: Cocoa, coffee, tobacco

Nijananda / Nijananda is mind-expanding high-intensity bliss. Warm and bright, it envelopes. Notes: Ginger, jasmine, sandalwood